Additional Benefits Rider #1

This RIDER is available to travellers who qualify for and have purchased the Deluxe Package, TravelCare® Package, Travel Within Canada Package or Non-Medical Package.


  • Transportation on Same Class Ticket Benefit
    For eligible travellers, this insurance will cover the transportation benefits for the same class transportation instead of economy class.
  • Subsistence Allowance Benefit Increase
    Increases the subsistence allowance benefit to $500 per day under both Emergency Medical Insurance and Cancellation & Interruption Insurance (subject to overall maximums).
  • Entertainment Benefit
    If delayed beyond the scheduled return date, this insurance covers up to $100 for entertainment expenses to attend a ticketed event such as, but not limited to, a movie theatre, theatre, concert hall, opera or sporting event.
  • Special Event Benefit
    When the primary reason for the trip is to attend a wedding, sporting event, or conference, which cannot be delayed regardless of you being in attendance, this insurance will cover up to $600 for additional transportation costs of an alternate route on a scheduled carrier, to the planned destination to allow arrival in time for the special event.
  • Increase Delay of Baggage & Person Effects Benefits
    Increases the maximum sums payable under Baggage & Personal Effects Insurance to up to $750.

Some limitations apply – see our Travel Insurance Policy Brochure for details.

Author: car health