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What is covered?

Our Cancer Expense insurance* pays a variety of benefits that allow you to focus on your recovery rather than bills. These basic benefits include:

Hospital Confinement

Up to $250 per day for the first 60 days of continuous confinement; $500 per day for days 61 and up. No lifetime maximum.

Radiation and Chemotherapy

100% of actual charges, up to $1,000 per month, not to exceed $10,000 per calendar year.

Drugs and Medication

100% of actual charges, up to $500 per calendar year, for drugs and medication prescribed by a licensed physician for the treatment of cancer. No lifetime maximum.


Up to $2,500 per procedure based on the policy’s surgical schedule. There is no lifetime maximum per procedure. No lifetime maximum.


Pays all actual charges up to 25% of the amount shown in the Surgical Schedule, with a maximum of $625 per procedure. No lifetime maximum.

Private Duty Nursing

100% of actual charges up to $100 per 24-hour day for a private duty nurse in the hospital, as required and authorized by the patient’s attending physician; payable for the number of days the hospital confinement benefit is payable. No lifetime maximum.

Blood Transfusion

100% of charges for blood/plasma, blood processing, blood administration, cross-matching and transfusion, up to a maximum of $100 times the number of days paid under the hospital confinement benefit or a maximum $250 per day for treatment received as on outpatient. No lifetime maximum.


Pays 40 cents per mile for non-commercial travel, or charges for commercial travel up to $1,500 per round trip for cancer treatment. Covers travel to any hospital or facility located more than 100 miles from the residence of the covered person.


100% of actual charges for transportation to a hospital within 100 miles of the covered person’s residence for cancer treatment, up to two trips per confinement. No lifetime maximum.

Family Lodging

Up to $50 a day for 60 days per calendar year for one adult family member traveling with patient for treatment. (Restrictions may apply.)


Up to $300 per device. Lifetime maximum of three non-surgical prosthetic devices per covered person.


Up to $100 per pay day for the first 60 days and $50 per day for days 61 and up. $12,000 lifetime maximum per covered person.

Bone Marrow Transplant

Up to $10,000 for in-hospital or $5,000 for outpatient procedures for expenses incurred as a result of procedure. Includes a benefit up to $1,000 payable to bone marrow donor. Outpatient procedure benefit unavailable in NC.

Stem Cell Transplant

100% of charges up to $2,500 for peripheral stem cell transplant for the treatment of cancer. Lifetime maximum of one procedure per covered person.

Extended Care Facility

Up to $100 per day; limited to the same number of days of prior hospital confinement. Lifetime maximum of 365 days per covered person.

Home Health Care

Up to $50 per visit for 10 visits following each hospitalization. Maximum of 10 visits per hospitalization, 30 visits per calendar year.

Waiver of Premium

Waives from month to month, for up to two years, any premiums that are due while the covered person (or named insured, in the case of family coverage) is unable to work due to cancer for a period of 90 continuous days.


Available only in North Carolina and Tennessee – up to $50 for each mammogram subject to the following limits:

  • One baseline mammogram for women age 35 to 40.

  • One mammogram for every two years, or more frequently based on the recommendation of your physician, for women age 40 to 50.

  • One mammogram every year for women age 50 and over (this benefit only available if you have no other insurance that provides similar coverage).

Cancer Expense insurance is offered through Roger Menard Insurance career agents. To find out more about this product, Recovery Choice or other products offered by Roger Menard Insurance, contact an agent today.

Benefit Exclusions and Limitations

Except at U.S. government hospitals, benefits will not be paid for any hospital confinement for which no charge is made. Other benefits are not payable unless the covered person is actually charged and is legally required to pay for such services.

If a covered person is diagnosed with cancer during the first 30 days of the policy, we will pay benefits for treatment of that cancer occurring after 24 months from the effective date.1

Product not available in all states. Please refer to the policy for a detailed description of coverage exceptions.

1 First 12 months in North Carolina and Virginia

* If you are on Medicaid, or go on Medicaid in the future, this policy may not be appropriate for you. When you sign up for Medicaid, you assign the benefits of policies like this to the Medicaid agency.

Product underwritten by Liberty Life Insurance Company. Insurance products not available in all states. State variations apply. See product descriptions or policies for details. Products contain exclusions and limitations, which affect benefits provided.

Recovery Choice® is a registered service mark for Liberty Life Insurance’s critical illness insurance.

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