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On November 1st 2006, some Alberta drivers will see a three per cent reduction in premiums for mandatory auto insurance. This reduction will come into effect for Albertans upon renewal of their mandatory coverage. The reduction comes from the Automobile Insurance Rate Board (ARIB) as part of the annual review of compulsory auto insurance premiums. For further information on these changes from the ARIB, please visit

In addition to the rate decrease, Roger Menard Insurance® is also introducing two new discount features, Online Discount and a Multi Line Discount. These discounts will be available for Alberta residents.

An Online Discount of 5% will now apply for auto insurance policies that are completed online. Policies that were originally quoted online have been adjusted to reflect this change upon renewal.

If you have, auto and property insurance with Roger Menard Insurance, a Multi Line discount of 12% on all mandatory and optional coverage’s will now be available to you. If you are eligible for this discount, your policy has been already adjusted to reflect this change. If you are interested in switching your home or auto policy to take advantage of this discount please contact us.

At Roger Menard Insurance we are committed to providing you with the best possible value in terms of products and service. If you have any specific questions about your policy or coverage, please contact us.

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