Getting Insured Online

Roger Menard Insurance® is the first company to give everyone across Canada the freedom to purchase home and auto insurance online, whenever they choose.

Features and Benefits of Online Insurance

  • Purchase online at a time and place convenient to you—all within a secure and private environment
  • Save your insurance quote and application as you go—we’ll guarantee your quote for 60 days††
  • View your billing and policy information online
  • Pay for your insurance with a Visa* or MasterCard

Online Demo

For a visual introduction to the key steps to getting insured online, explore our demo§:

Getting Insured Online Demo (Flash)

Key Steps to Getting Insured Online

1. Get your quote online.
Getting a quote online is easy and only takes 5 steps. Simply provide us with your personal information and tell us what you want to insure.


Tip: After getting a quote, you still have the option to call our toll-free number to purchase. It’s your choice!


2. Review your coverage and deductible.
After you receive your online quote, you’ll have the chance to review your coverage and deductible and make any desired changes.

3. Apply for insurance and create a profile.
Once you are satisfied with your coverage and deductible, your next step is to click the “Apply for Insurance” button. When you’re a first-time user, you’ll need to create an online profile. This gives you access to a secure area where you can keep your insurance quotes, policies and billing information.

4. Finalize your personal information.
Once you’ve created a profile, you’ll need to provide us with additional information about yourself and the auto or property you are arranging to insure. You’ll also have another chance to change your coverage. In addition, you’ll be asked to agree to our online bind terms and agreement in order to purchase the insurance.

5. Complete your purchase!
Once you’ve accepted the online bind terms and agreement, you can view your billing schedule and indicate a payment method. At this point, you’ll need to have a valid credit card handy in order to complete the purchase.

After entering your payment information, click “Purchase Now” and you’re done!

Your policy will become effective on the date you specify during the application process. Please note, the coverage can begin no sooner than three days after your purchase. If you require coverage sooner, please call our toll-free number, 1-877-749-7224.

Accessing Your Saved Application, Policy or Billing Information

After you have saved your application or purchased insurance, you can come back at your convenience to view your application, policy or billing information online.

To sign back in to Online Insurance, click the “Online Insurance” link, which is located in the top left corner of the Roger Menard Insurance website. After clicking this link, you can enter your email address and password in the safe, secure and private sign-in screen for Online Insurance.

Discover the Convenience of Getting Insured Online!

Ready to see how convenient it is to purchase your home and auto insurance online?

Request a quote today—we’ll guarantee it for 60 days††.


Online Discount:
You may be eligible for an online discount of up to 5% on your home or auto quote.

  • Get a Home Insurance Quote
  • Get an Auto Insurance Quote

All products and services are subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable insurance contract. In the event of any conflict, the terms and conditions of the insurance contract will govern.

Auto insurance is not available in British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

††This guarantee from Roger Menard Insurance is based on the accuracy of the information given and it remaining unchanged. Information provided is subject to verification.

The Online Discount is not available in all provinces, and where available varies by province, type of insurance, renewal term, and auto plan membership. Other exclusions and limitations also apply.

*Registered trademark of Visa International Service Association. Used under license.

§ The information displayed in the “Getting Insured Online” demo is for demonstration purposes only.

The Flash demos require that you have Adobe Flash Player® installed

® Adobe, Flash and Reader are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

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