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Unfortunate events such as a fire, a burglary, or an accident can and do happen. That’s why it’s important to have home and property insurance in place to protect your financial security, your home and your personal belongings from damages, loss and liability claims—even if you rent from someone else.

Protect your home and personal belongings against damage or loss.

  • If you own a home: Whether it’s your main residence, a seasonal home or a rental property, you need insurance in case you incur damages or losses specified in your policy. What’s more, your policy can cover items such as detached garages and sheds on your property, greenery and landscaping, furniture, artwork, computers and much more.
  • If you own a condominium unit: Your condominium corporation’s policy only covers items that are part of the building. You still need your own insurance to protect any upgrades you make inside your unit and to cover your furniture and personal belongings.
  • If you rent: Your landlord’s insurance protects your landlord—not you. You still need insurance to cover your furniture, other personal belongings and any upgrades to the rental that you’ve paid for yourself.

When you purchase your policy, you can choose to insure your home and personal belongings against most unexpected situations or only against situations specified in your policy. You can also customize your coverage to protect very valuable items such as a boat or a special piece of jewellery.

Protect your financial security against liability claims.

In all situations: Whether you own or rent any type of home, you also need the personal liability coverage component of home and property insurance to protect yourself financially should someone sue you and be awarded damages for an injury that happens on your property. Liability coverage also helps protect you if you accidentally damage someone else’s property—something that can easily happen if you live in a condominium unit or apartment.

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Lower your premiums by increasing your deductible. But be sure you can pay your deductible without difficulty in the event of a claim.

Insure both your home and auto with us and you could save up to 12% on your policy premium, excluding endorsements (any additional, optional protections that are added to your policy).

Install a burglar and/or fire alarm in your home or condominium unit and you could save up to 15% on your premiums, depending on the type of alarm system.

Get your home insurance quote online and you could get a discount on your policy premium.

Photograph or videotape all your belongings and keep a record of serial numbers and receipts in case you ever make a claim. Keep them in a fireproof place or a safety deposit box.

If you buy something valuable or make a major renovation, remember to check with your insurance company and update your coverage if necessary.

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How does a deductible work?
Say your deductible is $500 and an accidental fire causes $5,000 worth of damage to your home. In this example, you would pay $500 and could make a claim for the remaining $4,500.

Is home and property insurance required?
If you are buying a home and need to take out a mortgage, your mortgage lender will require you to show proof of coverage.

What if I cannot live in my home while it’s being repaired?
If you cannot live in your home while it is being repaired after a covered loss, your insurance will pay for some of your additional costs, such as accommodations and meals.

What kind of coverage can I get for my cottage or seasonal residence?
This depends on the home, including whether it is a seasonal or year-round home. In most cases, you can insure it by extending some of the coverage from your main residence.

Can I insure my boat?
If you own a boat for private pleasure purposes only, you may be able to extend coverage from your main policy to insure your boat, its motor and trailer against most unexpected situations.

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