Hospital Cash Plan

If you are hospitalized because of an illness or accident, Royal RecoverAssist® plan can help you concentrate on your recovery. It can pay you up to $100 a day for every day you are hospitalized — and you can use this money for any purpose you wish.

With the benefits received under the Royal RecoverAssist plan, you can pay for extras such as a TV in your room or taxi fare for friends and loved ones to visit you. But the benefits can also be used during your recovery period at home by paying for expenses such as house cleaning services or child care expenses.

Choose from two plans.

Basic coverage — for accidents only

Royal RecoverAssist Basic Coverage plan pays a benefit of $100 a day if you are hospitalized as the result of an accident (the benefit for an insured child is $25 a day). In addition, it pays a lump sum payment equal to the total value of all your daily benefits while you were hospitalized.

For example, if you are hospitalized for 5 days, you could receive $100 per day, plus a lump sum payment of $500.

The maximum benefit period is 365 days for each condition requiring hospitalization.

Enhanced coverage — for accidents or illness

Royal RecoverAssist Enhanced Coverage plan could pay you a benefit of up to $100 a day if you are hospitalized as the result of either an accident or an illness. The amount of the benefit depends on your age and whether or not you are a smoker. The benefit for a child is $25 per day.

There is an elimination period of 3 days before benefits are paid if you are hospitalized as the result of an illness. However, there is no elimination period if your hospitalization is the result of an accident.

It’s easy to afford — and your satisfaction is guaranteed

Premiums are just a few dollars a month, depending on your age — and there are discounts if you cover your spouse as well. There are no health questions to answer, no medical exams to take. Simply call Roger Menard Insurance and apply for Royal RecoveryAssist insurance today. Take a free look at it for 30 days and only keep it if you decide that it’s right for you.

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