How to Set Up Your Online Insurance Profile

As a first-time user, you will need to select the “First Time User?” button. This will take you to an area where you can create your own personal profile. Once you have created your personal profile, you will be able to access your auto and home insurance quotes and policies all online.

Step 1

You’ll need to enter an e-mail address that only you use, as it will give you access to your personal insurance information. This e-mail address will become your user ID.

Step 2

The next step is to create a password. It will need to be 6 to 20 characters in length. This will be required information along with your user ID each time you sign in to Online Insurance.

Step 3

The final step is to set up your personal verification questions that you’ll need in case you ever forget your password. For security we ask that you choose two distinct personal verification questions from the list provided. If you ever forget your password, simply select “Forgot Your Password?” and we will ask one of the two questions. This helps us verify who you are before allowing you to create a new password.

Once you have completed these steps, you are now able to:

  • View your policy and coverage details
  • Retrieve or modify saved quotes
  • View policy documents
  • Change your billing
Author: car health