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If something happens, either to your home or to a detached structure such as your garage, you can make a claim against your Homeowner Insurance policy. As long as the cause of loss is listed under your policy, we’ll cover the cost of repairs.

However, protecting your home isn’t the only reason to choose property insurance. Your coverage will also protect your valuable personal items, such as jewellery, artwork, furniture and computers.

Most important of all, property insurance protects you against personal liability should anyone be injured while visiting your property or should you accidentally damage a neighbour’s property.

You have three coverage options

Enhanced Plus Coverage
You want the broadest coverage available for your home and personal belongings.
Enhanced Coverage
You want to protect your home against most unexpected situations. However, you also want to lower your premiums by insuring your personal belongings against a limited number of specific situations such as fire and theft.
Basic Coverage
To reduce your premiums, you want to protect both your home and your personal belongings against a limited number of unexpected situations such as fire, lightning, windstorm and hail.

Each type of Homeowner insurance can be extended to cover secondary seasonal and rental properties, personal watercraft and more.

Lower your total cost of insurance

Save money by insuring both your property and your auto with us.

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