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Questions about health insurance

Q: Why do I need health and disability insurance?

A: Think about it this way. Suppose you owned a valuable piece of equipment. Day in and day out, the equipment operates reliably. It helps you earn a large amount of money every year. Without question, you would insure that piece of equipment in case it broke down. Similarly, when your family depends on you to go to work and earn money, year in and year out, doesn’t it make sense to have health and disability insurance in case you become disabled?

Q: Why do I need disability insurance when I’ve never had any health problems and I don’t foresee having any?

A: Most people don’t think they will become ill or suffer an injury. Nonetheless, statistics show that a person is far more likely to have a disability than to die. Disability insurance is designed to reduce the financial strain on you and your family during a difficult time.

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