We have a team of experts in reinsurance whose collective base of knowledge amounts to several decades of multiline underwrtiting and actuarial experience. In addition to our expertise, is our willingness to tailor a reinsurance agreement to the specific needs of each business partner.


We have a reputation for: innovative problem solving, reinsuring complex risks, flexibility and adaptability in treaty negotiations, smart arrangements to alleviate new business strain and balance sheet volatility, and in-depth experience with all types of insurance products.


International clients can count on Roger Menard Insurance to deliver on promises and stand by all our agreements and treaties. Clients can also count on our long-term commitment to the world-wide reinsurance marketplace.


Experienced management provides the timely turnaround reinsurance arrangements almost always require. In addition, frequency of contact, in-depth understanding of the issues, and a willingness to customize solutions to client needs, are maintained at every stage of a reinsurance arrangement. This assures that delivery of the reinsurance solutions meets the expectations of all parties.

Above all, underwriters throughout the international insurance industry can count on Roger Menard Insurance to meet its promises consistently and reliably, and to bring to any transaction that valuable extra measure of expertise and good business sense.

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