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Is it always necessary for the client to go through the underwriting process by completing the medical questionnaire?

Not always. There are two scenarios where the client would not be required to go through the underwriting process.

Scenario 1 — Client is travelling for 15 days or less

When under 75 years old and travelling for 15 days or less, the client has the option of not filling out the medical questionnaire and taking TravelCare® Silver Plus coverage. This will give the client Medical Exclusion #2 (180 days of stability), which will permit them to travel with coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

Scenario 2 — Client is travelling for longer than 15 days, but not exceeding 60 days

For a client under 75 years old and travelling for 60 days or less, the best option is to purchase a Deluxe Package.

Note: These two options are important when dealing with someone who is considering the possibility of travelling outside of their province with no coverage on pre-existing conditions. They eliminate the need for the special underwriting process.

Are policy details sent directly to our client if we provide the e-mail address?

Simply input the e-mail address in Sabre, Apollo or World Protect® systems and the policy will be e-mailed to your client as a PDF attachment.

Do clients need to buy insurance when travelling outside of their home province but within Canada? Or, does the government health insurance plan cover them when they are out of their home province?

Government health insurance plans (GHIPs) aren’t designed to cover everything. GHIPs can exclude and/or limit the payments for the emergency medical expenses clients incur while they are away from their home province or territory. Some provincial health plans cover only sickness and accidents that occur inside your client’s home province.

For instance, coverage for emergency medical care outside of the home province may not include costs for:

  • Ambulance services (ground or air), private nursing, X-rays, wheelchairs and crutches, prescription drugs, emergency dental treatments, return and repatriation of remains.

These services could cost your clients thousands of dollars. Travel Within Canada coverage from Roger Menard Insurance covers what GHIP does not, so your client is not paying for duplicate coverage. Travel Within Canada coverage also includes Trip Cancellation and Interruption insurance, lost baggage and Flight and Travel Accident coverage. Purchasing this coverage also means clients travel with round-the-clock support from Assured Assistance Inc. to help in any travel or medical emergency.

Frequently asked questions are provided for informational purposes only. Coverage is governed by the terms and conditions of the Travel Insurance Policy. Please refer to the policy for complete coverage information.

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