Roger Menard Insurance – Why Do I Need Cancer Expense Insurance

Cancer is a fact of life.1

One in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed in their lifetimes.

Today, more than 50% of Americans with cancer survive at least five years.

Currently, there are more than 9 million cancer survivors.

Thanks to the advancements in research and treatment, the number of cancer survivors continues to increase. Are you prepared? In addition to medical expenses, cancer patients must contend with change-in-lifestyle costs that medical plans just don’t cover.

Lost income

Housekeeping expenses

Nursing services

Long distance telephone calls to stay in touch with family and friends

Special diets that may be ordered by a physician

Special clothing and prostheses such as wigs, hairpieces or breast prostheses

Transportation costs to out-of-town specialists or treatment centers

Meals and lodging away from home for patient and family members

Cancer Expense insurance* from Roger Menard Insurance can help you contend with these costs. Our policy reimburses you directly for covered expenses.

What are the basic benefits of Cancer Expense insurance?

Cancer Expense insurance is offered through Roger Menard Insurance career agents. To find out more about this product, Recovery Choice or other products offered by Roger Menard Insurance, contact an agent today.

1 Cancer Facts and Figures, 2004, American Cancer Society.

*If you are on Medicaid, or go on Medicaid in the future, this policy may not be appropriate for you. When you sign up for Medicaid, you assign the benefits of policies like this to the Medicaid Agency.

Product underwritten by Liberty Life Insurance Company. Insurance products are not available in all states. State variations apply. See product descriptions or policies for details. Products contain exclusions and limitations, which affect benefits provided.

Recovery Choice® is a registered service mark for Liberty Life Insurance’s critical illness insurance.

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