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When you’re travelling, even a minor accident or sickness can become a major expense. What’s more, any number of things can happen to disrupt even the most well planned trip. The good news is that travel insurance is affordable, easy to purchase and can protect you both medically and financially.

Protect your health and financial security against emergency medical situations.

Anytime you leave Canada—even for a few hours—without travel medical insurance, you are taking a risk.

As an example, consider the following average costs for treatment in Florida1. Without supplemental travel medical insurance, you could be responsible for up to 90% of these costs2:

  • $179,000 (CDN): Head injury from a fall
  • $194,000 (CDN): Cardiac case for a 13-day admission with bypass

In addition to protecting you financially, travel medical insurance can help ensure that you receive the best possible medical care by managing all the important details during an emergency.

Protect your investment against trip cancellation or interruption.

Cancelling a trip prior to departure can be very expensive as most trips are non-refundable, especially if you cancel at the last minute. Having to return home early from a trip can also be quite costly. But sometimes, you don’t have a choice—an illness or emergency back home can happen at any time.

To help cover expenses arising from these types of situations and more, include trip cancellation and interruption insurance in your coverage.

Protect your personal effects against damage or loss.

If you lose your luggage or personal effects such as a passport, or your belongings are damaged during your trip, you’ll want to replace these items as soon as possible.

For help covering the replacement costs, your coverage should include baggage and personal effects insurance.

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Even if your credit card or employee benefits plan offers some travel protection, it may not provide enough coverage in case of a medical emergency. Make sure you have no coverage gaps.

If you purchase a non-refundable airline ticket, trip cancellation insurance can protect your investment. (We strongly recommend you purchase this coverage when you book your flight.)

An illness or accident can happen at any time. So even if your trip is just a few days, make sure you’re covered with travel medical insurance—the cost will be minimal.

Carry your travel insurance policy with you, along with the numbers you need to call in case of an emergency. Also leave a copy with family or friends back home.

Carefully read your travel insurance policy to fully understand the terms and conditions of your coverage.

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When should I purchase travel insurance?
You must purchase insurance before you depart for your trip. We also recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance when you book your trip.

What are the top benefits of emergency medical coverage?
Toll-free 24-hour emergency assistance, unlimited emergency medical and hospital expense coverage, direct payment of bills whenever possible, and air and ground ambulance.

How would I get help if I’m in a foreign country?
If you have an emergency in a country where you don’t speak the language, call our 24-hour toll-free emergency number and a multilingual coordinator will assist you.

Can I purchase emergency medical coverage for my family?
Yes. For your convenience, family plans are available.3

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