Universal Life Insurance

You need insurance – and you want long-term investment growth.

Our universal life insurance plan combines permanent life insurance protection with a flexible portfolio of investment options, customized to your financial needs and aligned with your risk tolerance. Contact us and we can help you select the coverage and investments that are right for you.

Help with a complex subject

In today’s world of complex tax laws, you want maximum protection for your estate – and our universal life insurance plan can provide it. However, universal life insurance offers many options, so contact us today and talk to one of our professional Insurance Representatives for help in selecting the coverage and investments that are right for you.

How it works

Each payment you make is divided into an insurance premium, a small administration charge, and a deposit into the investment accounts of your choice, where your money grows tax-deferred.

When you choose a universal life insurance plan, we will help you design an investment portfolio that suits your unique risk tolerance. You can choose to invest in interest-bearing accounts, which guarantee a fixed rate of return. Or you can choose accounts that fluctuate with market performance.

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Destiny® Universal life insurance
Highly flexible, permanent life insurance combined with a wide range of investment options, allowing you to diversify your account, both by risk-level and by country. You can invest in a select range of Canadian, United States, European and Asian funds and index accounts. An excellent choice for the more seasoned investor who is looking for additional tax-saving opportunities.

How universal life insurance works

You make a contribution
1. Part of your contribution pays the cost of insurance and a small administrative charge* 2. The rest goes to an investment of your choice
You can make withdrawals from your investment accounts**.
You can arrange for a bank loan or policy loan***, based on the cash surrender value of your policy.
Your named beneficiary receives a tax-free benefit that includes the face amount of your policy, and the value of your investments

* Provincial premium tax charge included ** May be subject to surrender charges and taxes *** If the policy loan amount exceeds the adjusted cost base of the policy, the excess amount is taxable.

For policies with Level Death Benefit, the face amount only is paid

All the flexibility you need

Universal life insurance coverage is exceptionally flexible. You can choose the amount of life insurance you need now and change it later as your needs change. You can select a joint policy covering two people that pays out after both people have passed away – or you can choose a joint policy covering up to five people that pays out when the first person passes away. If you like, you can include several optional types of coverage tailored to your specific needs. Plus, your premiums can also be structured to suit your budget and future plans.

Universal life insurance also gives you access to cash. When your investment plan has accumulated sufficient cash value, you can withdraw cash from it, or borrow money using the policy as collateral.

Let us help you design your policy

Contact us and let one of our professional Insurance Representatives help you choose the coverage and investments that are right for you.

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