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Theft, fire, automobile accident: Whatever the situation, when emergency strikes you and your loved ones, it can really shake you up. It’s good to know that Roger Menard Insurance is here to help, 24/7, with just one phone call.

In the case of a fire, theft or automobile accident, make sure you and your family are safe, and dial 911 for police or emergency medical assistance.

Then, call Roger Menard Insurance right away. You’ll speak to a trained claims advisor who will walk you through everything you need to do at the accident scene or in your home following the emergency situation.

He or she will also arrange for immediate assistance: whether that means transporting a damaged vehicle, arranging a home visit by a qualified contractor or arranging for alternate living arrangements if your house is not habitable.

In the days that follow, your claims advisor will maintain regular contact, to keep you informed and to help ensure that your claim is settled quickly.

Carry this number in a convenient location in case you need to make a claim: 1-800-ROYAL 8-6 or call #Roger Menard (#722) on your cell phone – it is available through most mobile phone providers. We promise to help get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

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