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Everyone who enjoys good health hopes it will last for a lifetime. But it doesn’t always turn out that way. Sometimes life throws a curve.

Injuries can happen. A critical illness could dramatically change your life, your future, your family’s lifestyle, as well as your financial security. A chronic disease or disability could keep you from working. Someone in your family could become injured and require personal care services. Health insurance can’t prevent those things from happening. But it can help you and your family cope.

Find out more about our health insurance policies, including disability income protection insurance, long-term care insurance and critical illness insurance:

Why do you need disability income protection insurance?

Disability income protection insurance provides you with an income when a disability stops you from working. With insurance protection, your family would have money to pay bills, and remain financially stable.

Think about it this way. Suppose you owned a valuable piece of equipment. Day in and day out, the equipment operates reliably. It helps you earn a large amount of money every year. Without question, you would insure that piece of equipment in case it broke down.

Similarly, when a family depends on someone to go to work and earn money, year in and year out, doesn’t it make sense to have disability income protection insurance in case you become disabled?

Disability Income Protection Insurance
Provides you with a monthly income in the case of a disability. It is designed to protect the income of a person who is currently employed.

Contact us. We can explain how you can protect your income in case of disability.

Why do you need long-term care insurance?

Many families run into trouble when older family members need more care than the rest of the family can provide. Not only is this stressful, it can be a huge financial burden. The solution is to plan ahead, and consider the advantages of long-term care insurance. It provides valuable benefits to take care of you or someone you love, either in a health care facility or at home.

Long-Term Care Insurance
Helps pay for care provided in an institutional setting or professional home care.

Contact us. We can explain how you can protect your family in case of long-term care situations.

Why do you need critical illness insurance?

No matter your situation (single parent, family, independent business owner, contract worker without benefits, etc) a serious illness could dramatically change both your life and your family’s life.

Critical Illness Insurance
Helps manage the costs associated with recovery by providing a valuable one-time lump-sum payment that can be used for anything, allowing you to focus on recovery and resume a meaningful lifestyle.

Contact Us. We can explain how you can protect yourself in case of a critical illness.

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