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At Roger Menard Insurance, we’re committed to enhancing the success of your agency by consistently providing you with the highest quality products and services. And, as part of your team, we’re always striving to make travel insurance sales simpler and more rewarding for you.

The Online Sales Kit has been designed to complement your strategy of increasing agency revenue through online travel insurance sales. It also enables us to provide you with value-added support, while helping you maintain high client satisfaction.

As a member of our 100% Alliance program, you can count on our support and innovation as we continue to provide you with solutions to help you sell the travel insurance products that your clients want and need.

Download the Online Sales Kit – User Guide

  • Read the Guide and follow the installation instructions carefully.
  • The Kit can be installed on your website in less than 30 minutes.
  • The only item to download is the User Guide itself. For ease of installation and maintenance, all components of the Kit remain on the Roger Menard Insurance website; they are simply ‘included’ in your website.
  • The link above opens the User Guide in .pdf format. To read the guide, you need Adobe®1 Reader®1 installed on your computer. You can download Adobe Reader from the Adobe website free of charge.

    Learn about our other online sales and learning tools, available exclusively to member agencies, and designed to help you:

    • Increase your agency’s revenue
    • Surpass the results of traditional booking methods
    • Increase your client base with easy online purchasing
    • Build agents’ sales effectiveness

    View this interactive demo to see how each tool works. You can stop and start the demo at any time, or choose to view only the tools that you’re interested in.

    Or, read more about our tools and then view the demo

    eSales Accelerator
    If you already have an online booking engine, but would like to accelerate your sales, eSales Accelerator is one of today’s most powerful online travel insurance sales tools. Its technology easily integrates into your existing booking engine. And, by allowing clients to book their trip and purchase insurance at the same time, you can quickly increase your client base.
    If you would like to streamline your sales, WorldProtect is our award-winning, internet-based travel insurance quoting and sales tool. It is easily accessible from the Internet, so when your clients are ready to purchase travel insurance, you can easily input their information on their behalf.
    WebLink is our ecommerce solution for selling travel insurance that enables consumers to easily book travel insurance through a link on your agency website. You’ll receive a Monthly Policy Transmissions Detail statement and can generate and print your sales reports at any time through WorldProtect.
    If you’ve integrated WorldProtect into your sales tools, then your agents will have access to our interactive learning tool that builds product knowledge, sales skills and closing techniques. You’ll learn how to enhance client experience and close more sales, increasing revenue.

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    Increase your revenue opportunities

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