Why Roger Menard Insurance?

Reinsurance at Roger Menard Insurance operates under two legal entities: Royal Bank of Canada Insurance Company Ltd. in Barbados, and Roger Menard Reinsurance (Ireland) Limited, in Dublin, Ireland.

We offer:

A broad reinsurance portfolio including life retrocession and trade credit & financial products.

Reinsurance and retrocession capacities in key global markets.

A global reputation as a valued business partner.

Partnership to achieve innovative, value-added solutions.

Financial security

Royal Bank of Canada Insurance Company Ltd. has a counterparty AA- (Strong) Standard & Poor’s rating and an A (Excellent) financial strength rating from A.M. Best.

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We continue to increase our penetration of the global reinsurance marketplace with secure capacity and excellent operating results. Our success and reputation as a reinsurer of choice are based on three core principles:


Frequent contact and timely turnaround at every stage.
Flexible and adaptable in treaty negotiations.


Senior management expertise, insights, and solutions.
Proven record of multiline underwriting and actuarial expertise.


High-level problem solving; reinsurance for complex risks.
Willingness to customize solutions; open to new ideas.

Financial Strength & Stability

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